How-To: Find a Counselor

  1. Click Sign Up from anywhere on the site.

  2. Select the account option for members.

  3. Fill out all of the information on this page and click Create Account.

  4. Click the button to login to your account, then enter the email address and password you provided when creating your account and click login.

  5. Click on Find a Counselor on the top left of the website.

  6. Select what specialties you are looking for in a counselor, your preferred session type (by phone, video, etc.), and your location. When you are finished, click Find Counselor.

    NOTE: If you search returns no results, try searching without a specialty or by selecting Any when choosing a session type.

  7. Browse the list and click View Counselor Profile to see more information about each counselor.

  8. Once you have found a counselor, click Request a Session on the left side of that counselor's profile.

  9. Select the session type and time of day you prefer and click Request Session. The counselor will be notified and will propose up to 3 session times for you to choose from.

  10. Once the counselor has chosen up to 3 possible session times, you can log into your account, click on Sessions on your dashboard and select your preferred time. Once you have selected your preferred time, click Purchase Session.

  11. Enter your payment information and click Pay for Session.

  12. When your appointment time comes, log in to your eCounseling account and click on Sessions on the left sidebar of your member dashboard. Then click Join Session to begin your counseling session.